Why Funding Insider?

Easy Setup
  • Configure Surveys in 5 minutes
  • Assistance provided for setup
Tailored Surveys
  • Versatile for any campaign
  • Multiple surveys, inventory limits, linked products
  • Monitor surveys in real-time
Affordable Pricing
  • No upfront or campaign fees
  • 0% charge for add-on sales

Exceptional Experience

Backer satisfaction lies at the heart of crowdfunding. Achieving this is your aim, and we're here to assist you in enhancing it.

Accessible Anywhere

Backers have the flexibility to access backer survey pages from any device.

Immediate Assistance

Backers have access to support 24/7, with human support staff during standard business hours.

Stay Informed

Backers receive automatic reminders and shipping notifications to stay updated throughout the process.

Data Protection

Your campaign data remains secure and separate. Funding Insider respects backer privacy, never utilizing their data without consent. Backers can easily request data deletion at anytime.

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